Monday, October 27, 2008

My cutie nepheW

i have 2 nephew from my causin they are Gadis(6 years old) and Ratu(4 years old)...
i think they are funny, pretty and cute....
yesterday was gadis brithday...
she celebrate her party in pizza hut rest. on mal MP...
hohoho... i get eat free yesterday ^_^

*black shirt:gadis's father (dedy(my causin husban))
*red shirt: gadis's mom (iis(my causin))
*white shirt:gadis sister(Ratu(my nephew))

*pink shirt:Gadis(my nephew)

before, in the morning, Ratu was call me..
Ratu(R):"hallo! syapa ini?"
Fika(F):"ini syapa?"
R: "ssaaaattuuuwww"
R: "pasti 'pung' Fika"
R:"ada bunda (nenekx) di situ?"
F:" nd ada,,, blumpi mungkin sampe!"
R:"owh... 'pung' Fika ulang tahun sebentar gadis, datangki kerumahku nah!"
F:"owh...banyakji dya undang?"
F:"okay!tungguka nah!"
R:"iye! sudahmi dulu nah! daddahhh!"

but in the afternoon her call me again and tell me that gadis bday was canceled to celebrate on their house but in the mal...

when i in the mal, before i go to the that rest. i buy a gift for her. a pink sandal.i hope she like it!


in teh restoran, gadis and ratu tell me that in the morning their family go to the beach for have fun...

>>>happy little family<<<

my other nephew with other causin named saskya
10 month 23 day

-but i am not yet have nephew from my brother or sister-

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