Sunday, October 19, 2008

deAth Note syndrome

what kind of comic do you like????
ofcourse the answer is........

i love all of the picture,the story, the actor, mmmm... absolutely all!

i always want to know...
how come they can made it!
it so cool!
how come they think about the caracter? example 'LIGHT YAGAMI" he is so perfect enough, his a man who had a very high IQ....
'L'the same as LIGHT have same IQ.

so hard to tell the description about that all....
there is NEAR, MELLO, MR.YAGAMI, The Police Person,MIKAMI,TAKADA and so on......

but the most i like is......
because misa amane is so cute... like me..(hohohohohohohoh)!
and light, although he is very wicked but,
i think he is so cool! awesome! handsome!
smart! and cunning!
MISA san>>

and more i read more i very want to know!

it's plus score for this comic.

i forget to tell you about the shinigami...
shinigami is the death of god. shinigami is very like eat APPLE.
thats why they will down to the human world.
but if they will down in the world they must trash down their other death note to the world and follow the human who take the death note.
there is RYUK, shinigami of light. REM shinigami of MISA. JEALOUS shinigami who like to misa.and many other..

that's completely my comic

and finaly....
deathnote number 12 was out!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is the last story!
sad ending for me! -_-

but my brother said there is number 13 coming soon...
but just about their profile of caracter

it's so make tense

i recomend that comic to read!

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