Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Oh my God, it's been already 2014. manythings happened in year before. many things to learn, many things have been done. i've already get back to the boy that i already wrote here, but we're already broke up too. just let him go. that's was the second time and still didn't success, moreover it's going worst. actually i just really do my best for keep the relation ever lasting. but seems like thats not worth. so, i just let it pass if he want to pass.
my niece is going super cuter. i just love that girl and this year insyaAllah i would have a new nephew from my sister. can't wait.
now days i'm bussy with my last assignment, that's what we call "SKRIPSI" wish me luck for it.

keep spirit for the bachelor title.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

just wanna share this, maybe it's you~

Some of people hate me, the rest maybe likes me. But it's okay. There's so many reason why they hate me or likes me. Umm, yea... I just think it's wasn't the big deal. I just appreciate those people who hate me, that's shows me i just ordinary girl who make a lots of mistake. I admit it! Im not perfect. No body perfect. Those people who talk about me behind me. That's realize me that i'm in front of them. And so do i do really appreciate the people who likes me. They're the people make's me more stronger to face my day, what ever it's good or bad condition. Those people who accept me as i'm and help and support me to be better.
Likes in here isn't about love.
If about that, it will be different.
This some kind of criteria for the person i can share my day with.
He's the person who's 'loyal and royal' with me how ever the condition is. The person who will waiting for me even it's need long time to waiting. The person who can guide me to be better me. The person who has a good looking good smell and good familly. The person who i can spoil with. The person that afraid to Allah SWT. The person who can keep the conversation going. The person who didn't easy to get bored to me. The person who will try hard to see my smile. The person who do anything to do what i want.
Isn't that person is too perfect? Yes!
That's because it's all just my dream, why should i just dream something ordinary when i can dream something extraordinary?
And you shouldn't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are. As simple as that.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

thinks changed things new

It's the fifth month in two thousand and thirty, i already in the third grade on my collage. You know what's that mean??? It's mean there will be much assignment, much report paper, much examination and it's will more closer to graduation (insyaAllah next year in 2014). Hemmmp, now i have to face my first praktikum, thanks God it's still near from my dorm, so that i can easily go back if get uncomfortable in my 'posko', yes we call it posko, the place that me and my praktikum group spend the time as long the praktikum. It will be held about 3 month. Have a new nice friends and i have to adaptation again, it's one of my problem in new environment. But, just ignore it, it will be solve by the time.

I've already cut my long hair. After long time i need to grow it up, finally i cut it of, short enough. Little doubt to got decision to make it short. But i think i don't have much time in praktikum to take care of my long hair. So, tadaaaaa~ kirei short hair is back!

Uum, just little to share about ex, haha, little embarrassing to reread my previous posting about him. Like there's something tickle me so that i laugh shyly. How stupid i'm that time. Uuuw, may be it's what people called love, when something irrational happen to you. But now i have to admit that's just intermezzo in my life (maybe). How could we can be together when there's so much unmatch though? We have really different way to think. And the most annoying things was when you already got a new girl. Many people think that i dislike her because of you, ummm, yea, may be a little bit. But, i think i just dislike her because her, not because anyone else. I just don't like type of people that nice outside but so disgusting inside, it's just like what we called 'pencitraan'. Yeaa, by the way, hope you match with the type of girl. What eva! Ha ha ha
And ya, please note that, i'm not anymore want to think about what i think about you like what's on my previous post. Even i still single, Moving on isn't always you had a new one right.
Hempp, by the way i've falling again, my best friends called it 'old love blossom again' HAHAHA -..- but, i don't know is it just a stupid feeling or it's real things happen to me. Just need more reinforcement to know exactly what i feel. Hhaha

So far, thanks my Lord, here, Beside all the haters, i don't care about them, as long as i have my best roommate, best chinggu and nice friends it's enough. No need more energy to revenge to them, i believe they will get worst than the thing that already you do to me. Just wait and see. Allah do exist.

And thanks Allah, there are my familly who always support me from there. I miss you familly :*

These day, feeling so emotional. Mood uncontrolled. I wish all the people near me don't mind about that. I'm so sorry. I love you guys. Please just ignore this one.

I think's that enough for this post.
Wish me luck for all the examination. Wish i had a best score and done it fluently. AMIN.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

things of two ou one two

Two thousand and two was over, it was a nice year, many memory save there. let's talk about those all memory start from January. in January, i have a holiday in my home town, i've been go to my mom's village called Sengkang. i spend my holiday there about 1 week. and it's enough fun but the signal of my phone was suck. that makes my communication with my (ex) boyfriends broke and so do our relationship. in there we're already broke up. Next, goes to February, i thought there's no special even, lecturer goes like usually. Then, in march... this is the month of his bday, i've already prepared something that didn't need to mention here just wish he like it. APRIL! it's my month! have very fun birthday! big thanks to my best room mate ever, sena , and all of my girls, clara, dela, fajri, ayu, maya, widi, wana, imu,wina,ika, jeane, kiki, ninis, asma and this two boy, qadry and ulil..ALL of you guys! those birthday surprise party is absolutely make my day. i love you! thank you for those gorgeous cake, those gift and the party things. and thank you for you (ex) too, actually i don't need that you have to give something too, because it seems like i'll take back what i give to you. buttttt... thank you very much! it's really useful.

goes to Mei , June and July... after final examination in Mei to middle June, i've a holiday again, i been goes to kampung inggris in Pare, Kediri. i spend about 3 weeks there. have a nice experience there, new friends, new place and new lessons. and oww, welcome new family member. Raisya Malaeka Yamlikh Azikin.. i'm an aunty now. *kisshug! can't wait any longer to back home. in 26th if july was my beloved dady birthday! happy bday dady! long live, keep happy, keep be mine hero and best dad ever.
august, I'm home! really exited to see this little hand, little leg and all of little things that she had, my first little niece. and then, so happy to know that i spend my ramadhan and lebaran in my own house with my complete little family. alhamdulillah big thanks to my lord Allah SWT.

September, back to dorm, back to college. there's a new occupant, my juniors. welcome dorm for you all, hope you all enjoy the rule and welcome to stay here.i've got little problem with my friends on dorm, but it's not a big deal, we can handle it better. little problem with another person to, he accuse me to do something that didn't i done. damn you! but, time by goes the truth will come.i just believe that. just thinking, how if i just did that things that you accuse me? better i did and you angry to me than i don't did it and you still angry right? but i still keep my sense, it's useless to do it, just let it all go. October and November, like usual, lecturer, task, tae kwon do exercise and doing new sport called badminton. that was fun.my room mate bday, and i felt like it have to be amazing. but don't know, she think it is or not at all, i've done my best that time.

December was my the only one sisters wedding. happy :') to seen her. in that time i've a final examination too, so that i have to back and fort bandung-makassar. because i've already back to makassar, i was pending my holiday to back to home town, prevent my body or jet lag. hhaha. but finally in last of December, i've return to Makassar. at 27th of December was my mom birthday, happy birthday Mom! stay pretty stay cool and long live.

and oh, it's a hard year to move on in my last relationship. proved difficult to left the things that you live it seriously . easy come easy goes, actually i don't believe on that sentence, but it's prove on you. little regret to write it with a pen, then when i have to erase it with correction pen, it's left any marks. suppose to be i just write it with pencil like another else.just need you know, i still like you, but no,i don't want you back, just make a friendship better than you deny talk to me. and it's seems hard to me to moving on but it's not mean impossible. meanwhile, i don't need to show another person to proved I'm moving on isn't it? the aim is i have to accept that this is the best way that God give. just approved his not best for me and believe all thing happen with any reason for it. no need to try to fix the old one anymore, because it doesn't need to repair, just let someone else have that shit.sincere it o:)

i wanna say "alhamdulillah" to ALLAH SWT, for all things that already happen in 2012, what ever it's sad or happy thing. i have passed it anyway. 

it's quality time! we welcome the new year with have a dinner with all members of family.
wish this year, has a more of fun, more of happy and no sorrow.
wish i still have my complete beloved family
wish me and my family have a much sustenance and more furtune.
wish my lecturer, practicum goes fluently with best score.
wish all of the people near me feels comfy and happy with me.
wish all the sorrow of 2012 disappear, and i can forget and make it just a memory all of bad story.
AMIN! yaa Rabb...

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello my dear blog's :*

it was! yes, IT WAS!
and yes, today was our first year relation ship if it continued. in this day, at eight in the night. you told me exactly  your feeling about me, in the cafe near this internet cafe. in that day, i was like, ummmmm, i finally i found the boy that actually i love too and reverse , he love me too.i just sat down there listening all a kind of your bullshit. it was kind of wonderful feeling that day . when actually i feel like, why you said it too fast, like we're in a rush to do that. you just introduce your self about 1 week and you think that you heart choose me to be yours? *take e deep breath.
yeah, the sweetest thing is the time when we was on the way to the airport for holiday. i was very happy for all the sweet things that you do. just can say thank you for that.
and it's all pass until we broke up. at the first moment, i can't handle my sorrow for that thing. i collect all stuff was from you in a box, try to still put the flower until it's dried and withered. and when it's broke, i finally realize that, it should to throw away same as my feeling to him.
huaaaaaa.... have to stop to talking more about you here! the point is, i have to moving on and didn't move back to you. enough reason to do that. that we're never getting back again. and lil happy to hear that you now have another girl ( hha, it's like medley-ing taylor swift dan adele song).
i realize while we in a relationship, i did a lot mistake. me, with my prestige to keep my self esteem, my uncare and selfish. SORRY! for that's all. 

the funny things about his another relationship with that new girl is...... 'you seems like do the same thing to the girl and me when you said that stupidity feeling"  and those poem! that's made me laughing out loud. HAHAHAHAA... and it's enough to me for let you go. you're not the same as my expectation a year ago. but reallly thankssss big thanks for all memory we use to do. you're a such a kind man to be friends. but one thing, when i pride aside for text you first to ask you for speak each other but you ignore me, that's make me disappointed, really disappointed.  i mean just we can be a friends after all that memories because i don't wanna disconnected our 'silaturahmi'. just that... no more.

oh, ya... never tell him about all his stuff that he give to me that i've never wear. i didn't underestimate it when i didn't use it, i just didn't want it get broke, so i put it in a box so it won't be lost. your ring, our couples t-shirt, photo figura, pen, your love letter etc. all in in that memori box. that may be some day i have to bury it deep so that i cn forget it. but it's not as easy as it to do.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


this relationship finally really over. time to clean up all the thing that can remembering you. end.

Monday, February 20, 2012

i hope it's happen all day

this two couple day of weekend is very beautifull for me, i hope it's won't end, i enjoy much time with you, even not just you and i in there, i just really feel that feel, oh god please tell me if he feel that feel to, tell me that he is my right. i love the time when we take a pray together . it's my first time do it exapt with my familly. i hope that day wouldn't end....