Saturday, July 11, 2015

Yes. I need. You

Every body needs friends. I always think that i can stand by my self to do everything. Ok, some thing i can do by my self. But not everything. You can go to the cafe and drink a coffee by ur self, go to the cinema and watch ur fav movie alone, go to the mall and buy your fav cloth. Sometimes it will feel so awkward. People will say, "why this girl sit alone in corner of cafe" for example or "is she watching alone?". Even you didn't care what people said, i bet you ever feel that its more fun if you sit together with your friend especially your boy friend in cafe, chit chat and laugh together. I more fun to watch together so that you can ask a question for part of film that you didn't understand. Its better to walk with your friends in mall so you can ask opinion about the dress you would buy. Even you have a family to be with, you need friend ( actually family is friend too ). Is it???
Talk about it, i feel little lonely after graduate and stay home. I didn't have any sibling to be with. They all grown up and have their daily activity to do first. I didn't have a friends with me every time, we all already have a different activity. You cant force the company you. Boyfriend? Yes i have. But it useless for companying. We're in different island. Yes, long distance relationship. Uw, i hate that. That's the problem. The worst, you cant rely on your bf when you feel lonely. Voice didn't pay that. You cant feel have a friends with phone on ear and walk alone. Its still called alone. Don't know why, i took the risk to be him when i know this things will happen. Well, said that what if i didn't with him, no guarantee i have a bf here. At least if i have no bf, i didn't suggest my self that i have one. No feel to rely on someone. Ugh, forget it. The more i discuss it, the more i feel real lone. I need more socialization, so i'll have more friends. I believe that the more we have friends, the more gift we have from Allah SWT.

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