Thursday, July 23, 2015

Not only me have that kind of feelings

Finally the others feels that way too. Some people didnt realize how special they are for other that sometimes make me lil bit jealous. People welcoming them,  make a plan so that we can meet together. Is this kind of our friendship. Before, i was thinking that this is just my feeling. I feel marginal long time before now. When they only go with them selves. Well, may be because i ever rejected some of their invitation. But you know? Ive much reason for that. Either at that time i have no enough money or i have something to do more important. Actually the only moment that stick on my head was when one of them come to visit the city i've studied before. I just feel i've already make an effort so that we can meet as one of a host. But what ive know? I feel you think that im useless that you already have that group for stay and can bring you everywhere around the city. Fine. That time, Its just me, just me feels that way. I just let it go. But now, it remembering me again. When the other make a plan just for make our reunion completed, some of us doing other plan secretly and surprisingly surprise us. Wanna know my feeling? Actually i just feeling so so. I've must be accustomed. Already talk to my self for just being best, focus to my own successful and be nice to people (just be nice). Many lesson learn from friendship. Hello and goodbye, i'm a dissapointed friend.

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