Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So hard but who says its impossible?

Im trying to do the best for this time. Remember the last, too much drama that just hurt my self. Hahahaha. But, i don't know, seems like it doesnt work. I've try! I try to accept all the consequence. Im yours event we're not have a long time to know each other. Was that a mistake? I hope it isnt. I do all thing you ask as long as i can and sensible. I will do my best just want you know that i wanted you back. Distance is very matter for me. Ofcourse. But i've try. That's my hard things for me to do a relation. Hard doesn't mean impossible right? Just do it. As ling as we keep fighting to reach a success. I believe all things that we  do it best, we'll get the best result. But, if god doesn't create us for live together, i hope that all things that we've done isn't useless at all. We'll prepare our future for success in all aspect. I just always pray that we can got that success goal as soon as possible so that we can show the world that we mean to be together.
Right know, when i write this post. I just miss you so much. All i can do to just to share it in a word. I will never force you to come to my town. I know that you have a hard time to do it as soon as you can. The things that i really afraid of this relation is when my mom ask me to met the other that her want. Thats my mom's hobby. To be a match maker. It happen much time. She donit to my cousins and my sissy too. I don't know if she did it to me too. Hmmmmmmm!! As i said before, just done best!

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