Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dear my friend

I didn't mean to make you disapointed. I didn't mean to let that tears fall down. I didn't mean to not to attend your special day. I know thats not right to do. But, i need a time to finish all things there. I cant being hurry to do it like what you're doing. You have yours that can give you money if sometimes you want to back again or maybe if you need something to do there if something you didn't finish yet. Me? I still asking all thing from my parents that make me not that easy to do it like yours. I still need time to enjoy the city that had so much memories. It's just about time. But i think you wouldn't understand and accept the reason. Thats isnt really reasonable. But, ahhh.. I dont know. I know you're angry. No responses with all my comment on your path and no replay on my twitter. That's enough to know that youre angry. It's ok. I'll asking for apology fot it. But, today, i just saw your respons for your other close, and you know what? You respons it nicely like she didnt have a mistakes like i've did. Same mistakes different treatment. Oh, know i realize. Maybe people think i'm jealous, yes! Maybe. But i just need poetoc justice, if you think im your friend. But thank you for all things that already we share together. That memories wouldnt being deleted from my memories. One thing again that make me disapoint is, when you write down something about yours, thats inpress that you didnt need us anymore when you have yours. And suddenly i remember your text that you tell me if you have him, theres nothing different to our friendship after it. But what ive got? I just feel you meke that differencesssss. Thats all what i think rite now. Once again sorry. And i cant handle my feeling to not being unmood. Thanks dear friend.

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