Monday, October 6, 2014

20 fact about me

This things has been trend in instagram and a few of my buddy challenge me about this. I wouldn't share this on my ig before 9 friends challenge me. Hehe. But i would to share this this things here before i share it in other social media. So, here they are. 20 fact about me that might be you didn't know at all:

1. I get bored easily and easily get angry.
2. People said me arrogant. But i dont think so.
3. Sometimes my word sounds rude but sometimes i don't mean that.
4.Moody and selfish.
5. My aims are make my parents proud and happy because of me.
6. I love my parents more than anything
7. I have a dream to own an island.
8. I like to see a man has a close friend, loyal and royal with their friends ( gimana sama ceweknya, sama temen nya aja baik kan, hhew), masculine, close mouthed with other but talk active with his gf and have a good self defense so that he can protect me.
9. Is my favorite.
10. I love sushi, but i didn't eat uncooked one. Chocolate, ice cream and meat ball sounds yummy for me. Since doctor prohibit, i didn't eat egg, chicken, cheese, instant noodle and less spicy food.
11. I love parfume and my mom hate the smell one of my favorite parfume.
12. Happy to dancing.
13. I'm a fresh graduation from Bandung college of social welfare and now i'm a money seeker (re: job seeker. Actually i dont need a job, i need much money without job. Haha. But, when i had job, i wish i could love it and work as my passion.
14.i hate lizard. Moreover when i see it on a food jar. Ewww!
15. Disgusted at particular things. *just in some condition.
16. Jazz, r n b, hip hop, electro, and country music are nice to listening.
17.  I like to smell baby breath. Jigong bayi smells heaven. Hhehew
18. I love photo and video. Those are  memories  real saver.
19. Im a coin collector. I'm collecting coin from any different country.
20. Stars, moon and twilight are lovely to see.

Thats all. Actually it's not enough for you to know me well just from those fact that i share, but at least you know rest. It just for fun. Have good day readers. Wish me luck for seeking job btw. XOXO. MWAH!

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