Monday, September 15, 2014

My new favorite person

Yes! I got a new favorite person. Yea.. He got that place. The place that i'be already told before. I don't know why, before, i really didn't feel anything this person. Normally, i'm not that easy to give other change to get close more than friend to me. Hmmm, i found time to think all about the risk if i let this person enter my life. But, all of those dread and worried has been answeres by this person. Why not? Let us know, if all that word that was saying from this person mouth is really true and this person can prove it. Let time answered the rest and God give the result. I think i really like this person. The things that make this person good to me are this person seems like accept all of my condition, the real one is when all of pimples on my face going activated. Ugh! I hate acne!. I think that's not a big problem to this person. Though, that was my super sensitif thing for this moment.

No reason to say no. Why not? So "yes" :)

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