Saturday, May 11, 2013

thinks changed things new

It's the fifth month in two thousand and thirty, i already in the third grade on my collage. You know what's that mean??? It's mean there will be much assignment, much report paper, much examination and it's will more closer to graduation (insyaAllah next year in 2014). Hemmmp, now i have to face my first praktikum, thanks God it's still near from my dorm, so that i can easily go back if get uncomfortable in my 'posko', yes we call it posko, the place that me and my praktikum group spend the time as long the praktikum. It will be held about 3 month. Have a new nice friends and i have to adaptation again, it's one of my problem in new environment. But, just ignore it, it will be solve by the time.

I've already cut my long hair. After long time i need to grow it up, finally i cut it of, short enough. Little doubt to got decision to make it short. But i think i don't have much time in praktikum to take care of my long hair. So, tadaaaaa~ kirei short hair is back!

Uum, just little to share about ex, haha, little embarrassing to reread my previous posting about him. Like there's something tickle me so that i laugh shyly. How stupid i'm that time. Uuuw, may be it's what people called love, when something irrational happen to you. But now i have to admit that's just intermezzo in my life (maybe). How could we can be together when there's so much unmatch though? We have really different way to think. And the most annoying things was when you already got a new girl. Many people think that i dislike her because of you, ummm, yea, may be a little bit. But, i think i just dislike her because her, not because anyone else. I just don't like type of people that nice outside but so disgusting inside, it's just like what we called 'pencitraan'. Yeaa, by the way, hope you match with the type of girl. What eva! Ha ha ha
And ya, please note that, i'm not anymore want to think about what i think about you like what's on my previous post. Even i still single, Moving on isn't always you had a new one right.
Hempp, by the way i've falling again, my best friends called it 'old love blossom again' HAHAHA -..- but, i don't know is it just a stupid feeling or it's real things happen to me. Just need more reinforcement to know exactly what i feel. Hhaha

So far, thanks my Lord, here, Beside all the haters, i don't care about them, as long as i have my best roommate, best chinggu and nice friends it's enough. No need more energy to revenge to them, i believe they will get worst than the thing that already you do to me. Just wait and see. Allah do exist.

And thanks Allah, there are my familly who always support me from there. I miss you familly :*

These day, feeling so emotional. Mood uncontrolled. I wish all the people near me don't mind about that. I'm so sorry. I love you guys. Please just ignore this one.

I think's that enough for this post.
Wish me luck for all the examination. Wish i had a best score and done it fluently. AMIN.

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