Sunday, May 19, 2013

just wanna share this, maybe it's you~

Some of people hate me, the rest maybe likes me. But it's okay. There's so many reason why they hate me or likes me. Umm, yea... I just think it's wasn't the big deal. I just appreciate those people who hate me, that's shows me i just ordinary girl who make a lots of mistake. I admit it! Im not perfect. No body perfect. Those people who talk about me behind me. That's realize me that i'm in front of them. And so do i do really appreciate the people who likes me. They're the people make's me more stronger to face my day, what ever it's good or bad condition. Those people who accept me as i'm and help and support me to be better.
Likes in here isn't about love.
If about that, it will be different.
This some kind of criteria for the person i can share my day with.
He's the person who's 'loyal and royal' with me how ever the condition is. The person who will waiting for me even it's need long time to waiting. The person who can guide me to be better me. The person who has a good looking good smell and good familly. The person who i can spoil with. The person that afraid to Allah SWT. The person who can keep the conversation going. The person who didn't easy to get bored to me. The person who will try hard to see my smile. The person who do anything to do what i want.
Isn't that person is too perfect? Yes!
That's because it's all just my dream, why should i just dream something ordinary when i can dream something extraordinary?
And you shouldn't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are. As simple as that.

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