Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Oh my God, it's been already 2014. manythings happened in year before. many things to learn, many things have been done. i've already get back to the boy that i already wrote here, but we're already broke up too. just let him go. that's was the second time and still didn't success, moreover it's going worst. actually i just really do my best for keep the relation ever lasting. but seems like thats not worth. so, i just let it pass if he want to pass.
my niece is going super cuter. i just love that girl and this year insyaAllah i would have a new nephew from my sister. can't wait.
now days i'm bussy with my last assignment, that's what we call "SKRIPSI" wish me luck for it.

keep spirit for the bachelor title.

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Timur said...

cie. skripsi mi tawwa