Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happy bday to me!!!

Wow... I had an awesome bday this year. Even i didn't celebrate it with my family, i have another family here... My friends! They are my family here..spend time by time with them.and, they all gimme some surprise party! I'll tell u more in my next post, i can't tell u much in this post because some reason.. And i'll give some photo to describe how happy i'm!

Big thank you to my belove parents! Super MOM and awesome DAD! My nephew Kamil! My super duper friends sena, ayu, fajri, nada, ninis,qadry, ulil, bong, abdi, tika,nila,dela,clara,silfi,amran, and you! And all people who send me greetings! I love u all!


Alvidha Sastromihardjo said...

happy bday Kirei..
wish u all the best :)

fyka said...

Thank u syng :*