Sunday, January 30, 2011

the end of the hollyday

hello... I'm back to my lovely dormitory..
welcome to the full of rule part, the part where anything that you do can't be too free..
here is it. to hard my legs to leave that daeng city, but i have to! don't know why, whereas, i was dream to study out of this city...hhaaa... but, anyhow, i love Makassar.hhe..
back to the daily student activities, wake up, go to the college, do the task,eat,sleep... and it happen almost every single day. you know that i don't know exactly about this city where i stay.. so, my legs are restricted to go every where and that make me lazy to go out and if i go out that's means i have to waste my money even just for the transportation..

well, i have to enjoy my life... there is families waiting me there, there is a lot of friends there (maybe waiting me too... hhe.. i wish) and there is a lot of friends here whose become my second family here... they all my motivation! and i love them.. muaaahh!!!!


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yeay! love ur blog pyong!