Tuesday, June 28, 2011

i'm back!

hello, long time didn't wrote something here... lil bit miss it.. mmpphhh... my college schedule was to dense to open my blog, and i don't have an internet connection in my dormitory so there is no my blog update in this last couple month.

mmmm... many things happen while that. i've been in love even broken of that, I've pass all my university lecture in my first year there , many problem with my bestie but alhamdulillah we can solve it all and many more things that i can't tell the detail.

mmm... now i'm on my Holiday, mmm.. boring enough because my high-school friends is in them examination and mmm.. i don't have any activities..

actually i do miss someone for long time before. i do miss this holiday because of that.. but.. everything going to lose because something happen... hhaha... you know what... Zzzz-.- so classic.

mm.. okay, i think enough for now, i'm going to have a call...
see u later in my other story.. bubayyyeee....

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