Sunday, June 20, 2010

princesses sister Closet

woohoo... last Sunday (that means yesterday) i was boring, and then I've got idea to asking my sister to do something insane..hhii...
mmm... fist of all, i will introduce my the only one big sister...
MILKA Azikin

and here they are the insane things that we have done yesterday...hhi..
enjoy it!

Princesses of Azikin familly :D

Princesses in black fairy tale ^,^

*look into my arms... isn't cute? hhe...

Princesses in spoil casual

*both of the doll is my gift from 18 and 19 bday! from my friends.
thank you my friends..

Princesses of joy beach

* hhe.. my sista call it beach theme

Princeses Kartini :)

*hoila! this is it! we are.. generation of Kartin...hhi.. it's Kebaya time! mm.. i mix my kebaya with my cut down legging, how's it looks?

Princess ethnic

* in daily life, i use that tube top for skirt...hhe..

oyah! we've join aha moments!
hhe.. just for fun!
here is our aha expression...

nb: actually my sista forbiden me to upload all of her photo.. sstttt!! she's in work now..hhii..

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