Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ladys in crime!

for this last couple week,i have been training in the office for complete my last study in diploma 1
but.. some day i feel bored and i decide to went to my friendship house,,, just wanna waste the time while sharing a little problem with her..

then, after all thing we have done to share, suddenly we got an idea to take a picture together..hhe
mmm, just for ur info guys, i'm not a smoker! even those Picture that u'll see i hold a cigarette.. believe me it was an acting! :D

mm.. on Wednesday I'll have a exam for enter the college, well i have to continue my study. wish me luck to pass in my first choice guys! ur wish is very needed and help!
so that i've to study in this couple days... stop to browsing and onlining over time. may be just checking twitter and facebook in once.

oya! this mouth is time for FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA 2010
for the matches! Open--> FIFA World Cup South Africa
even i didn't know much about football... i just love the song that shakira sing!
"Tsamina mina eh eh..Waka waka eh eh..Tsamina mina zangalewa.."
'it's time for Africa'
my fact: the things that i know about foot ball---> just if the ball came into the goal that meant we got the point..hhe!

the question iss... when the time for INDONESIA???

just funny to see Indonesian supporting other country team..hhe...
i think will be more exclaimed if we support our own country, isn't it?
may be on the world cop we can do it soon!

watch this! just love the song and dance!

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