Sunday, June 13, 2010

dramatically sweet

mm.. today i have been finished my exam for college for the second time.. oh, God, i wish i pass that test this time.. *expectantly
for now, i just need your prayers for me that i will pass... aminn... thank you for you all! :* especially my dear Family and my lovely friends.

mmm.. got a good news today.. alhamdulillah ya Allah.. make my rode to success currentlly.. amin..

this is it.. my recent style.. i call it dramatically sweet..hhe..
i've got new skirt from my cousin, i love it, isn't it cute?
my mom said that the skirt is too short, but, i think not too short because it exactly on top of my knees. what do you think?
and, look at my hair, :D i wave it down by my self >,< neferfertiti shop another stuff is old collection..hhe..

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