Tuesday, July 21, 2009

one week more stories

okay...i want to tell some of my story on one week ago.
in this first day I just have plan with my friends to go to get registered in one of privat university in my town. we assemble in miftah's house and her mom deliver our. After that, we back to her house again and make a plan. we decided to "distro" and went to the mall just for wasting our time.hha. we take some photos before goes to mall. and I realize that I’ve got girl's problems *read:menstruation

Embarrassing Tuesday.
we assemble in miftah's house again, to do our second plant 'goes to the second hand market’. well, since the beginning, i was feeling uncomfortable. you know because this is my second day 'bout that girl's problem. upon arriving there, We start to hunted. and i don't know suddenly i was feeling not in the mood. oh, i almost forget to tell u, in that market there is a Chinese was so stingy. her clothes price so high. then, we go again in her shop. and i was sit in her desk for waiting my friends that searching clothes. and when i was stand up.. TAAADAAA... surprise :(( the girls problem perforate out of my skirt. Oh my goddess!!! suddenly the Chinese 'shop owner' pulled me and said "come here. I have bandage and new under were.u can use it. now, u must go to the toilet and change it". OMG! she is soo kind. whereas, i was blemish her. it is so EMBARASSING. one more life lesson. for the Chinese shop own, im so so sorry for all my mistakes. :'( thank God, I’ve so kind and understanding friends. and all that problems clear when I’ve change my bandage in a some cafe. thanks to miftah, ismi, qqoy, vdho, rais and rina. you all the best.
tired Wednesday. in the morning, I’ve go to give back my registration formulir to join STAN test. because i was late, you know what? i get number 355 for entree number.. huft! I hate WAITING! then i went to theater with one of my best friend to watch 'transformer'. nice film. boredom Thursday. no plan. just get boredom day in house. sleep. eat. watched TV. eat again. watched TV again. sleep again. hhu.
freaky Friday
when I woke up and switch on TV. you know what I seen. news about J.W MARIOT and RITZ CARLTON hotel get BOOM BOOM BANG! WTF terrorize! sad. angry. disappointed. that terrorize is really a hick. I think our country don't need just a smart guy but we need the person that have high moral standards too. and this problems make Manchester United canceled their planning to come and playing football wif Indonesia all star in Indonesia.am i just like the terrorism?

i was interested to my friend's tweet, she wrote:
okay class, repeat talk to me: "ini BUDI" good. lets try number 1 "budi TIDAK JADi bermain bola" very bad.hha. funny but make her fanatic sad.

saturday trip.
me, my mom, and my dad went to some place in sulawesi barat named polewali mandar, there was my dad friend's wedding party. we went via pare-pare. in there, there is street which have many shop sell many kind of chocolate from malaysia. YUMMIE! i love <3>

sadness sunday.
come home trip, we plant to stop in for a moment in my aunti hause in sengkang (one of village name in sulawesi selatan). but OTW go there. suddenly my causin called my mom and told that my aunti get HEART ATTACK!!! Oh My God! upon arriving there we direct went to hospital. so sad to see my aunti layed in ICU room :(( and because in that hosptl haven't complete facility, our family decide to get her in makassar to get the facility well.
next day (means monday again)
me and my familly get my aunti for went to makassar by ambulance and me and my parents followed it in back. was very very sad to see my aunti, my causin and the house keeper droped any tears... i hate this part... :((( just need your wish for my aunti will get healty soon!! amin...
that's all my story life about one last week...

i'm sorry if it make u bored.
but i love u if you interested with it.

now my feeling so sad, because of my announcement... my moms said that i not pass it. and today we wasn't check it. :(( i guess my mom so trust it


itta said...

come on dear!! fighting!!
there's still another chance...

fyka said...

huuft! yeah!!!