Saturday, July 11, 2009

copycat fashion

i was tell you that i like to watching korean movie or serial movie, especialy BOF... i love the F4,they all very handsome and geum jan di the cute one. she give me inspirating about her fashion and style in that film.XOXO
let's see what a got...ckck..

i tried to wearing like her.. just wear what i've got in my cupboard...gueesss in what scene???hhaha..

1st. inspired: shinhwa school uniform.

even i haven't wear coat coz i haven't :'( hhu.

2nd. inspired: when gu jun pyo asked jan di went to his privat land for hollyday.

the dress was secondhand and hat was gift from 'bukit kasih'

3rd. inspired:hhmmm...did u remember, if geum jan di sleepover in jun pyo house,she wear jun pyo's pajamas ( i guess) :p

thats my dady own..LOL...

4th. inspired: in Macau, when ji hoo, lee jung, yu bin and jan di played hide and seek. they wear a mask ian' it?

i boughit in supermarket, i think it's for birthday party coz i get it in bday party tools block.

LAst. inspired:mmmpp... i usualy watch jan di wear like warm hat in out side when winter :D

hat and shawl owner: my mom

thats all. but i really love geum jandi pajamas and bandana flower that she wear when she in macau exacly in ji ho's friend's house. CuuuTTeee!!>.<

it's all the inspired.but i haven't find jan di with jun pyo's pajamas..
but if you ever watch it i believe you know what i mean..XOXO

yeah.even the pic not too good but, enjoy it! ;p XOXO

if you hate it im sory!!!:(
if you heart it i love you!!!;))

i think i've got korean fever now. T_T

nb; if you want to see the image the photos please...


itta said...

:D saya suka yang versi new caledonia, piyama, sama.... yang pergi ke MACAU!!!

cute!!! :D

warucakra said...

i heart it..


Anonymous said...

aww aren't you adorable :p

fyka said...

>itta: hhahay..mirip ji geum jandi?

>warucakra: thank's :) have u watch it?

>cassey: wow..i don't know, just guess it..hhe. :D