Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello my dear blog's :*

it was! yes, IT WAS!
and yes, today was our first year relation ship if it continued. in this day, at eight in the night. you told me exactly  your feeling about me, in the cafe near this internet cafe. in that day, i was like, ummmmm, i finally i found the boy that actually i love too and reverse , he love me too.i just sat down there listening all a kind of your bullshit. it was kind of wonderful feeling that day . when actually i feel like, why you said it too fast, like we're in a rush to do that. you just introduce your self about 1 week and you think that you heart choose me to be yours? *take e deep breath.
yeah, the sweetest thing is the time when we was on the way to the airport for holiday. i was very happy for all the sweet things that you do. just can say thank you for that.
and it's all pass until we broke up. at the first moment, i can't handle my sorrow for that thing. i collect all stuff was from you in a box, try to still put the flower until it's dried and withered. and when it's broke, i finally realize that, it should to throw away same as my feeling to him.
huaaaaaa.... have to stop to talking more about you here! the point is, i have to moving on and didn't move back to you. enough reason to do that. that we're never getting back again. and lil happy to hear that you now have another girl ( hha, it's like medley-ing taylor swift dan adele song).
i realize while we in a relationship, i did a lot mistake. me, with my prestige to keep my self esteem, my uncare and selfish. SORRY! for that's all. 

the funny things about his another relationship with that new girl is...... 'you seems like do the same thing to the girl and me when you said that stupidity feeling"  and those poem! that's made me laughing out loud. HAHAHAHAA... and it's enough to me for let you go. you're not the same as my expectation a year ago. but reallly thankssss big thanks for all memory we use to do. you're a such a kind man to be friends. but one thing, when i pride aside for text you first to ask you for speak each other but you ignore me, that's make me disappointed, really disappointed.  i mean just we can be a friends after all that memories because i don't wanna disconnected our 'silaturahmi'. just that... no more.

oh, ya... never tell him about all his stuff that he give to me that i've never wear. i didn't underestimate it when i didn't use it, i just didn't want it get broke, so i put it in a box so it won't be lost. your ring, our couples t-shirt, photo figura, pen, your love letter etc. all in in that memori box. that may be some day i have to bury it deep so that i cn forget it. but it's not as easy as it to do.

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