Thursday, November 25, 2010

stuck on it...

hey yo!!!!! it's Friday night, tonight i'm goin' to sleep in my friend's room... half of senior was going to study field. so the dormitory lil bit silent. akh... talking about dormitory, like i'm tired of all the rule.huh. just now, there was a meeting that talking about some of the rule... there's my friend do the fatal mistake... drunk,smoking,go to the night club and (maybe) free sex.... waawwww..... hope that's not true. dunno who is she, but, i can tolerant about that.. that a big stupid monkey that they've do, IF that's them first time done.. it's like u're being surprised to live in a big city. that make you so poor, you know. mmhh... but, i lil bit disturbed with one of the rule here... that's.... we can't sleep over in another place as for the curfew is to fast for me... it's 9 o'clock... hhuuu... sometimes it's like make me afraid go out in the night because of afraid to late to come back.. can they just make it at 11 o'clock??? if we're really a good girl, it's sooooo enough.. you know that mal is already closed at that time.. and it enough free. :/ and i sometime feel bored here.. i need refreshing, like i will spend the night with my senior high school friend who has study here to.. sorry to say " i'm fed up wif the rule" wanna breaking the rule for me??? hhe...
huh, sometimes like wanna out from this place, but i already feel comfy (without that rule)..uh, God.. gimme all the best. i won't make my parents disappointing to me..

mmmh... o ya... new spirit here ... hhiiii.... if my spirit before is my academic... now is... hhaha... still be my secret... i'll tell u later if it happen like what i want... mmmhh... i hope! amin... but, i
ve said that i won't to talking about him again... but why that my mouth and my mind always wanna talking about it every time..mmh.. see? i already talking about him againn..ggrrr.... come on kirey... u have to study well first!!!!hhhaaa..

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