Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome! February...


Every body talks about love in this February???

Many love story that I’ve hear in this couple days… but the most I like is one of my friends story…

I cant describe what happen of this story that make me like it because it’s lil’ secret..hhi..

The point is.. the boy love the girl but bla..bla..bla.. and bla..bla..bla.. But the girl bla..bla..bla.. I give title of the story: ‘romantic tragic sweet romance’ hhi :p

The boy is too romantic to the girl but I didn’t know what the girl’s mind…


Oh ya.. talk about Februar

y and love…

I believe you guys think about valentine… right??? Hhe..

For me, nothing special thing in 14th February except chocolate..hhaha…(just kidding)

Yeah.. in me there’s nothing special day like that.. hho..

I don’t know why, maybe because I had no BF or… I don’t know lah!hhi..

Talking about bf, mmh.. I have been break up him in this couple weeks.. I didn’t feel comfortable with him from the start to end…the things that I didn’t like from him

more than that I like.. GOMENASAI!!!!

And I think I ‘m not good for him because I’m too ignorance, selfish and moody. And I guess he can’t handle it better..

And so easy for me to break him, because I didn’t find any chemistry when he shoot me.. very..very..Very.. Ordinary.. I’m sorry good

bye ..hhe.

Okay.. Forgetting ‘bout that! Hush..hush..hhi..

It’s better to think who’s better replace him.. hhi..hho..

Wanted: the boy with good taste of humor, have good taste of music, not too serious, sweet, romantic, care, good looking and every thing kind of course..

(Just like I wanna find an employee.. hha..)

Like Edward in twilight, prince charming in Disney princess, Romeo in R

omeo and Juliet ,gu jun pyo in boys over flower, etc..

‘Oh no! I think I’m in love with you…hho..’

(someone in my mind)

guess who??

hha.. i don't wanna Tell you!

mmh... i'm actually very lazy to make some relationship... you know why??? because sometimes at the end, we'll gonna be enemy...hhu.. and i really hate it!!

what do you guys think about that.. right is it??

but for this year in 14th February, I’d better wait it for imlek than for valentine.. $.$ hhi..

May be you’re Chinese??? Gimme angpao

please ..hhi

Leave about love, now, I’m confuse about my future study -,-‘’’

Mmmh… in this second week in February I have a

final test in my study place..

‘Lil bit difficult but insyaAllah I can handle it my best..

then I really2 scare about the test for my next future. I have no preparing.. my bad.. because I have time almost one year to prepare it, but I don’t ..hhu… I just need your wish for me guys… wish me success for my future.. and I expect I will pass all of that with the best result. AMIN ya Allah!!

Nb: what did I write was just what i think In my mind to share with you.. so, if it make you pain,irritated, hurt, mad and anything bad I’m really sorry but if you like it big smoochug for you guys.

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