Thursday, February 18, 2010

My special gift in me…

There’re many gift that I have. But here they are my top 4 special gift ( special in me ya… Hhi..)

  1. name: lolly teddy bear.

From: my super best friends

When: this is my gift at my 18th birthday

Why special in me?

Because this is my wish gift to them.. so they all collect them money ( according to the agreement) and then bought that for me..

  1. name: kirei picture ( >.<)

from: my nice friend whinz

when: in this last couples days

Why special in me?

I don’t know.. I just really like it! :3

It’s remembering me about one of my best friend love story when I was in senior high school ( remember the story that I give title: ‘romantic tragic sweet romance’ in the last post?)

  1. name: Minnie mouse doll

from: my 2nd classmate at SHS

when: this is my gift at my 17th birthday party

Why special in me?

Because without my known, all (almost) my classmate collects them money for this gift. They said cash money, so i go to and that's raising money for me.. hhi..

4. name: leg bangles

from: my love lovely mom

when: a couple years ago for my 17th birthday

But all my best gifts ever are what did my parents and God give me in my entire live…


Thanks for you all guys..

Maybe many more special gifts that I’ve took.

I’m sorry if I forget it. But all the things that was given to me ( I believe) are special for me. ^_^


You hate it = I’m sorry

you like it = I love you

smoochug! XOXO!

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