Sunday, June 7, 2009

oh..cutie boy!! :p

in beside my hause there is an internet center.i some times go there for browsing or may be just chating with my frinds.But, once upon a time... jhaa..ha..on a certain day, i saw a cute boy in there. may be he is a familiy of the internet center owner.wew! he is so..cute, he had slating sharp eyes,sharp nose,tall yet,he has short wavy hair but not to short.may be just like japanese hair BOY!!.at the first i don't think i would be like him but then, when i was at home. when i daydream, suddenly his was turn up in my mind. i don't know why???Silly!;)
in the next day, i go there again, hoped he was there, and i can looking into his cutie face.hhe. but yes. he was there but i was to shy to look in to him because he was in besides the casier and if i glanced to him it was so real that i was seek his attention.hwa,, it's so disgraceful.hha.then in a few time i still go there, but i think if i go there in the mid day he was not there, may be go out for something. so i decidde go there at every night,ups, not enery night but just if i will go there must be at night if i wanna meet his.Coquettish!
in some day, i go there again and in this time i don't mean to looking her again, but i have something to do in internet.but, just my luck. i meet him with his a new hair do. cool enough. i meet without stopping with his in the middle of that e-center. i think he try to not looking in to me and i was do it a second my heart throb fast. but i see something different exapt his new hair do. i don't know what.
later, i was in there AGAIN... hha. wow! when i get in, i see him with some people in there..hha. not axpressly i got a computer which no to far and hard to see him because i was in the besides the door to go to in them house.whahahaha.. in a many time he move back and forth in front of my comp. room. it scattering my consentration. some times whe he didn't look into me, i staring straight to her face..

i was so surprised when suddenly i see him back with her old hair do.. wow! but this boy was the same boy which i see at the first time.i don't know,may be because his hair do bbbut imposible his hair grow to fast in a minute.. then in a second, there are two boys..what?? it's gonna kidding me???in fact, they was two different boy.. hhhaaa.. may be they are brother or may twins. i do know i was still shocked. but both of them is still cute. later when i finish with my cyber things. go to cashier an in the out door, they was sitting in there.meltness. the first boy sit in wood chati on the other in the floor but when i was out, the boy which sitting in the floor with fast go up so i can pass the way although if he wasn't wake up i still can pass. i i came home whit their cute face.hhuuffh!

now, when i wanna update my blog...they wasn't in this net center.yeeeyeah...
ups. sudenly he comes... so i'm now up date again my blog..although before i have it!hhe.
ooowwwhhh... boys, when you can talk to me??? and at least we can just be a friend. yeah..that's often being my wish with every boy that i like.huuhh!


itta said...

curly curly

fyka said...

curly but cute...hha..

Timur said...

yeah. it's breaking my heart girl...