Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i think,so hard yet to invited my friends to take a stroll. for twice time i've done it, but i think they wasn't interest. yeah. many problems ( may be their parents not allowed, vehicle or i don't know many reasons).

but yesterday i have try it again. before, i think it will be works. but, in fact nope.. just a hal of my friends accept it with replay my sms, some of them not do ( i don't know why? may be haven't pulse or they didn't want to).so me and my friend which we have the same course (ila) decide just go, may be there are some other my friends waiting there.

for the last effort, me and ila, call them one by one. wasting pulse yet. then, what we've got? just a little bit of my friends come. yeeeyeeah! i believe they have a strong reason for not coming, one of them said that he has been watched the movie with hid 'home friends'?. and for my friends which come to the theater, thanks i like u ^_^.

okay, finally i was arrived in the theater. because i i asked them, so i collect them money and bought the tickets. i save it. but, when i go out to see some cassette in front of the cinema, god!!!! i lose the tickets!!! negligent! so we go to the sin which i was there and asked the people there. one of them said that the security got it.huuufftt! but, when we asked the security, may be they bring our some test,for made them sure that the tickets was our. the security take we over to there and come back. then, i explain the ticket, how many,what kind of seat, and last they trust me! yeay!

i don't know what happen to me??? i feel not balanced ( may be because the announcement, or may be i've many things in my mind) yeah, i give that to my friend for save it so that, it wasn't happen for twice.
hmmmm... wew! good movie 'QueenBee'. yeah, although not of all my gudfriends come, the movie wasn't make dissapointed.^_^v.fin.


itta said...

hahaha.. If I were you, I'm just waiting for the schedule and go.. hahaha.. sorry honey, I couldn't come...

fyka said...

the problem is if the movie out of chart of cinema, and we can't watch anymore...hhe.. it's okay honey!