Friday, January 2, 2009

wellcome 2009

2008 goes to 2009

it's the first time i spend the changed year with my friend...
Its was so awesome!
Because im late. I start from hause about 10 o'clock past.
We went to anjungan losari beach to saw the fireworks party.
So beautifull, but sound and the fire make some of my friends afraid.

12.00 mid night...
The night was made lively with fireworks.
I like to saw it. It's like the flower into the dark sky...
Pretty good!

Suddenly, the rain drops hard.
We was run and run goes to car which parking in far enough place..
But the worst thing is we got traffic jam.

We stay overnight at my friends house named qqoi.
At ther we played game, account of our live trip etc.
When my other friends was sleep Until just 4 of our stay wake up.

We gonna to saw the first sunrise in 2009.
But we didn't get it better cz the weather was cloudy.

Thanks to god.
I wish in 2009, i can be better in all sector and scope.
i wish all 2009 force is senior high school can speend
and pass our finar exam school with best score,
and i can come in to the best university
. AMIN .

first morning in 2009