Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I spend my december without my parents

Last month my mom and dad went to mekkah to
'beribadah haji'. They leave me about 40 day.
Then, they leave me with my brother and home
First day, just feeling okay.
But in 3rd week, i was quarrel
with my brother for something not important.
Like struggle credit card, room key
and the very not important is
about atrunggle tv.
Huufh... But thats make
my heart hurt with his word.
F***'n brother.
:p what ever u say s***'n bro!

but wanna say sory to my brother...
i know you do it because you love me (may be..hehehe.. i don't know!)
now, we are okay!

day to day i spent...
ussually, my mom delivering me go to every go course.
but no, when she goes to other country, i must go
to the course by my self...
sometimes i got a ride with my friends.
that's so make me feel reluctant to approach and
shy if it happening every course day.
so i take risk to take home by public transportation.
you know why? that's make me scary, because
i come home at 09.30 at night.

in my house, at lebaran idul adhah not celebrate like usually
because there was not prepare. we just do it simple...
we cooked chicken and ketupat just that.
but i was happy cz my causins come to my house...

at 31 december, in my school.
we get exam report...
my causin was taken my report...
actually, the students parent must take it..

when new years day...
i wasn't celebrate it with my family.
my parents still in mekkah.
my brother went with his friends.
my home keeper went with her husband..
and me...
celebrate it with my lovely friends...
it was awesome!

actually, if my friends not make little new year party..
my causin infite me to stay over night at hotel.
but i think it will be bored,may be it's better
i stay at home...

and then....
at the hollyday...
my activity, just... sleep.watched tv.eating.
it happen in the next day and the next next day...
owh, at sunday me and my friend goes to hunted clothes.

and finally my parents will be come tomorrow...
i hope they come healthy wal afiat.amin.

i LOVE my momy
i LOVE my dady

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