Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy mother's day!!!!

who: andi nirwana rumpang beloved momy!
when&what: yesterday is her day!
why: because i love her
where: dimana aja boleehh....hha

yesterday was 22 dec 2010, that was a mom's day! mmm, many people said that everyday id a mom's day, but, i think it's the more special for mom...
at the same day, i went back to makassar, i've got holly-day about one month until January, and like usually my mom take me in airport, that's one of the reason i have do respect to my mom, she is the person who has much participate in im life.
she is my WONDER WOMAN who take care of my entire my life. she is my bestest mom! (Y)

m, in this mom's day, me and my sista bought gifts for my mom.. actually that's for her birthday in 27 dec, but we're basted when me and my sista talk about that and suddenly my moms come and saw all the present..hhe...

my beloved parents ---->

mm.. talking about mom.. here they are the pretty momy in my fabulous familly..hhe...

absolutely my mom!

she is my aunty ---> all my cousins (mainly her children) said that she is the nicest woman.. unfortunately i don't remember or even i did got her when she is pass away. but i believe she is the great mom.

here's one of her daughter(my cousin) who become a nice mom too..

one more my aunty, she is one of my fave aunty.. pretty? of course nice?? absolutely cool? yes!! hhe..

and this is her daughter.. has two pretty girl.. (the middle is nephew)

i wanna show you my little photos family

believe, a good mom will give birth a good daughter who will me a good mom in the future
(sorry, today just talk about girl.. so for the boy and father??? that the same thing like mom and the girl)

there's so many posting about mom yesterday...
but all thing is about appreciated for all beloved mom in the world...
i love mom! saya sayang ibu!

i love dad too! saya juga sayang sama bapak!

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