Friday, November 27, 2009

chit day

hay every body!!!!
this Wednesday was very nice. i met my super BFF. we went to watch NEW MOON ion the cinema near my house. that film was sooooo wonderful. but i didn't finish read the book yet. but i
really recommend it to watch.
aahh... i lost all my missing to them that day. and, almost complete because another bff wasn't there because of they didn't in the town or they said outsider. and then, after the movie we just take a few pic and got home because thats to late night..

mmmh... i have do nothing beside in the morning until 12 pm and at night. so in the afternoon i usuualy take my picture my self and tadaaaa.....

zebra shirt i bouhgt at secondhand market

NB: every body have to watch NEW MOON....
bellswan was so pretty
edcul was so cool
jack was so handsome...ckck...

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