Thursday, February 26, 2009

...Sunday 22.02.09

I start my day...

I wake up at nine in the morning...

Watching tv seriaal..doraemon...shinchan...gossiph!..and some other tv shows.

In the gossip shows...

I hear, that paranormal said that the dooms day will come. I’m scary and afraid to hear that, but i think, how could be they know about that???? While in Al-Quran said that no body know when the dooms day will come. Huuuffhhh!!! I don’t know. I must belive it or not... but the most important is, i must belive ti Allah SWT... i belive that He will bring our the best thing. They (paranormal) said that the dooms day will happen in 21 december 2012. It will be some kind of new human race whose have a many sense... may now we call them indigo human... and one of them which have six sense said she seen many disaster will happen in 2012, tsunami, wolkano eruption any many others. It make our the moeslim people will trust it and make our become ‘musyrik’.

mmmm... Bay the way, at 03.00 pm i should go to school to join convoi for our school pensi. It was great!!hahahahahahaha!!!! yiiiihahahah!! We go to around the makassar city.. yiippppiiiii!!!!!!

Me nd my friends shout loudly said: “smansa pensi 1 march ’09 andra and the back bone!!!!! Let’s come! SMANSA SOLIDARITY!”. Hahaaa!

this is some of the photo:

But in the middle of road (our convoi trip) my friends ger accident. They hit their car each other... oh my godness! It broke mail back body car and fido top body car....:P


At 06.14 pm me and my friends go to smada pensi with theme The childhood return. Oh ya, talk about the childhood return, now i wanna telling story about my childhood friend. About a few days ago, in fb, i meet in imagination world my old friend(say that he is my childhood friend). I usually chat with him in fb and short massage. But i thing i ever remember him. He said that he is my friend in elementary school and we also have the same mosque to study read Al-Quran..but im so so sory. I didn’t remember it! Until last Saturday, i pass in front of that mosque. I remember that i have a friend. Their is a brother and sister. I sometims play barbie with his sister in their home. I don’t know is my remembering ‘bout him is true or not. But in fact he is my elementary friends because i ever asked my other elementary friends and she said yes we had a friends like that.hhhuuu... i think this night i will be meet him in their art party but he didn’t in there. He said taht he was, and now he is in home to finished her home work :P. I think it will the real childhood return for me. But it wasn’t. Im dissapointed for it. But in my negative thinking... he won’t meet to me.. i don’t know why... may be he is shy or what ever but i don’t like what his was do. Okay forget it... not to important.Back to smada pensi, they guess stars are the up stairs and white shoes a t c.i love the perfomance of white shoes....hahaha... “jadulnya dapet banget”.we enjoyed... but i don’t like enought the perfm. Of the up stairs.

Now i pick my handphone.try to call my old friend named ayu which studied at the same school with my childhood friends. She asked her that my old handphone was miss. And she said “ya.. i know that, from my schoolmate”.

o..o...w... she know that... and then i asked her bout him. And she said he is a misterious boy, quiet boy, and almost stanger boy. Oh my god... im scary with the a kind of boy like that. Mmm.... i don’t know. What im feeling. But, maybe i fell stange or something i don’t know. Huuufffhhh!!!! ah.... hahahaha....


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